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Entry #4

Audio submission

2010-03-11 21:21:13 by P1KM1NM4N

Finally, I got my audio approved! I'm so relieved that I can finally make some new stuff for the audio portal. After some practice I'll most likely get better at it.


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2010-05-12 23:42:10

plz tell me more on how to beat red devil 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


2010-05-17 03:12:12

i have 7starz and how do i get the 7th 1?

P1KM1NM4N responds:

Well, I don't know specific star locations but if you look at this walkthrough you should find it: tati c/show.php?usernum=776787304&frmi d=28 2&msgid=550223
Yes, it does work you just need to remove the space in 'static' to follow the link.