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Audio submission

2010-03-11 21:21:13 by P1KM1NM4N

Finally, I got my audio approved! I'm so relieved that I can finally make some new stuff for the audio portal. After some practice I'll most likely get better at it.

Well I'm liking Newgrounds!

2009-11-22 20:03:52 by P1KM1NM4N

Newgrounds has been a fun place so far! But it seems like really good stuff like Super Mario Bros. Z episodes and The Real Legend and other great stuff like that take so long to get another episode out. It must be tough animating. Speaking of which I was wondering where someone can get a free download or demo of animating software, I was thinking of trying some myself even though it would most likely come out bad I want to get a taste of it to try out. If anyone can help it would be nice :D !

Newgrounds is good

2009-10-31 00:47:11 by P1KM1NM4N

Newgrounds is sweet I find new stuff every day that I never even bothered to look at. Tom Fulp has to be the guy with the best idea in the world to make this site!

Just signed up!

2009-10-22 23:28:52 by P1KM1NM4N

I've looked at Newgrounds for awhile and decided to sign up. I love all the flash and audio that come through here and it's gonna be sweet to check them all out. This site is the best and I plan on watching every great flash that comes through here.
Now I've got to watch some flash!